Wideband Digital Video and Audio
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Digital Video and Audio

Wideband Digital Audio and Video

Advances in digital technology in recent years have spawned a wide array of impressive video and audio devices for the consumer market at surprisingly affordable prices. Experiencing an impressive multimedia event no longer requires a trip to the movie theater, but rather can be experienced any day of the week in the comfort of your own home. The individual on the go is not left out of the fun either as a number of flexible options for enjoying digital entertainment on the go are also available.

Home Digital Video

Personal video recorders (like TiVo) allow you to control your TV viewing schedule rather than having it control you. Scheduling a recording for all episodes of a TV series, watching a program from the beginning which is already in progress, pausing live TV or skipping commercials are just a keypress away with a personal video recorder. If you are looking to digitally record content in a more permanent format, a DVD recorder allows you to do so and prices have dropped so much that they cost roughly the same as a simple DVD player did just several years ago. Impressively displaying all of your digital media is easily done with an eye popping high definition plasma television or LCD television. The lifelike clarity and vivid colors they are able to display are almost beyond belief.

Digital Video and Audio To Go

A virtual smorgasbord of digital entertainment options for those on the go have entered the market recently that guarantee that wherever you go, you can take your entertainment with you. Pre-recorded media can easily be played with a Sony PSP or compact portable DVD player. The latest Video iPod models put music as well as exclusive video content from the iTunes store in the palm of your hand. Ampd Mobile and VCAST (Verizon Wireless) provide downloading of music, video programming and games at broadband speeds from anywhere for subscribers of their cellular phone service. Last, but certainly not least, the Slingbox allows you to access the programming from your home television from a broadband connected computer anywhere in the world.


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With so many new and exciting products entering the market, spending on consumer electronics is expected to top $140 billion in 2008.

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